Whats wrong with wearing Lipstick in the bush??

I always wear lipstick, mostly red. Now..I dont leave my lipstick home when I go to the bush. Goes into my little bag and thats it! When I feel the need to put it on, I do. My hair might not have been brushed for the whole week, but I will have lipstick on.  Even if an Impala is going to be a meal for the lioness stalking it, whilst we are watching, I will put lipstick on.  I mean, what is wrong with that? 🙂 I do however, constantly get disgusting looks from other half when I do, as he gets irritated.  Unfortunately that is his problem  I reckon I have to look my best for this big occasion. Our favourite Game Ranger/Guide at our favourite and special Private Game Reserve, always asks me on our regular visit “Did you pack your lipstick?”. Of course I did!..sometimes I give him a little dirty look when he asks the question. I also put lipstick on when we stop for our sundowners. Its a special time of the day. Watching the sun going down in Africa and sipping a Gin&Tonic with a slice of lemon or a glass of Merlot. Just the way I like it. The lips have to be red for this of course as I cant celebrate this wonderful moment, not looking my best.  So next time you come across a woman at a lion kill putting on red lipstick, you know its me. A little wave will be okay. I will then know you have read this. Have a great day