I have decided to adapt to the unknown. My mom used to tell me as a child, that “the world does not end here where you are at this moment, my child”. It has always been my motto since then. My family is used to me having an urge to go and see places. The known and unknown.

Lately an old illness which nearly killed me as a baby has decided to revisit. And this after 50 years. The illness probably will not kill me, but it will have a debilitating effect on me and will become more severe as the years progress. I have made peace with it and with me the German. We will take one day at a time. We will adapt to the unknown.

In deciding to in adapting to the unknown and embracing it, I have decided to live life to the fullest. My definition of it. Not the perception of what others might think it should be. Each of us is different. And not one of us is the same than the other. What a boring world that would be?

I love writing, even though it is not always wonderful or even interesting, but I do love it. I once read that to write is not nearly as important as the way one wrote it. “No two people will ever see and feel things in the same way”.   The challenge is to be truthfull when you write . Words and sentences do not have to be perfect. So I will write more. I will write of things I enjoy, things I don’t agree on and most of all, things which makes me happy.

I love travelling. The journey to the destination. I love my continent Africa with a passion. Good and bad. And if I can be on the road all the time, visiting, seeing and enjoying the harshness and magnificent beauty of this world of mine, I will. Unfortunately, we cannot always have what we want. But I have come to the conclusion that I will do whatever it takes to live life. I have made my choice and it is LIFE.

I want to see the beautiful Fulani People of Africa. Fulani people I want to see the Ethiopian Wolf in the highlands of Ethiopia.

I want once again to look in awe at the Cinnamon moon rises over the ochre sands of the Kalahari, with the roar of a magnificent black-maned lion in the background, the lime green grasses of Botswana, the Elephants and hippos on the beach in Gabon, to look into the all knowing eyes of the mountain gorilla, the yellow grasses of the savannah as winter starts and the harshness of Africa starts to show her face without mercy until the first rumble in the sky, giving an indication that the soaking rains are on its way. I want to see the mighty rivers of Africa. The life blood of Africa. I want to travel known and unknown roads. And as always more of the unknown.


Even though I have some time ago started on this journey of mine, with the German happily in tow, I still have many roads to travel. And I will keep to my journey as long as I can.


ochre sands

I don’t have a Ferrari as in Shirley Bassey’s song, but I have my dreams, I keep it always in my sight, I live my life and I am happy. And to me that is all that counts.



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