My favourite foods on my roadtrip to Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi – July 2014

As a matter of principle and for the reason that I love food, I try and experience local foods whenever on holiday.  Regardless of the German’s dislike of the “stranger” foods and of course he wont touch it.

On our recent road trip from South Africa, through Zimbabwe, Zambia and onto Malawi, I tried to taste some local foods. As we also live in Africa, food are not much different and very similar to other African destinations. The following were my favourite foods. 

  • Spinach served at a truck stop in Bube Village, Zimbabwe
  • The best drinking yoghurt in Chirindu, Zambia, made by  zambeef
  • Along the road towards Senga Bay, Malawi, little fried potatoes which gets made  next to the road by the local villagers and served with salt and some sort of hot chilli.
  • Dried little fish at Salima in Malawi, with a little salt
  • Catfish fillet with a papaya salad at Cool Runnings in Senga Bay
  • Zitumbuwa – Fried banana fritters
  • Beef fillet with a spicey peanut sauce at Mumbo Island

I of course wanted to try the dried mice served on a kebab stick which they sell next to the road in Malawi, but the German would not let me. I might have only tasted a little toe.

zitumbuwa  spinachmouse kebab cat fish cool runnings fried potatoesbeef fillet with peanut sauce zambeef yoghurtdried fish