Major blood ivory haul seized in Mombasa

this saddens me beyond anything.

ATC News by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome


(Posted 06th June 2014)

Reports began to emerge yesterday morning of a major blood ivory haul found in Mombasa’s Tudor estate and one of the suspects taken into custody, setting the social media alight once again with both congratulations to the Kenyan police and other security organs involved in the raid and the expression of sheer horror that at least 150 elephant had been slaughtered over the growing greed for the so called ‘White Gold’.

During a swiftly organized media briefing were reporters then told that the ivory, 228 tusks and 74 pieces cut to the size to facilitate packing, was in the process of being prepared for shipment, with a range of related materials and documents found on site. A KWS officer suggested that some of the ivory could have come as far as from the Eastern Congo as…

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