Mountain Bull, a bull elephant that inspired a wildlife conservation project in Kenya has been found dead in the Mount Kenya Forest, after poachers speared him and ripped out his tusks. He is thought to have been dead 8 days when they found his carcass.

Mountain Bull, was 46 years old.

Mountain Bull was a magnificent elephant who achieved notoriety for his fence-breaking habit, but who helped make the Laikipia Elephant Corridor famous when he  learnt to use this path between his mountain hideaway and the ladies of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.  He loved the ladies. He became the “face” of the “Save the Elephants” charity after he was fitted with a GPS tracking device.

A spokesman for Lewa said: “Mountain Bull’s death is a great loss to the conservation fraternity.

“He taught us much about elephant and animal behaviour, migration routes and patterns, and to a large extent, left many inspired by his bravery and resilience.”

R.I.P Mountain Bull







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