Africa is not for sissies

When visiting Africa and holidaying, do not always or most of the time as a matter of fact, expect to receive Western standard amenities. When you visit Africa, you might expect:

1. Toilets not working as it should – or no toilets at all
2. 90% of the time, do not expect all your shower amenities to be working as it should. You will either have no
hot water; only hot water; or a drizzle of both.
3. When your brochure says : aircon in the bush: do not believe it will be working as it should or no aircon at all
4. When your brochure says : 3 to 4 star hotel, with spa, luxurious rooms etc : seeing is believing.
But believe you will pay full price, with add ons. And no…there is no spa
5. Do not expect designer food. You eat what you get.
6. It will not be Nescafe coffee, but ricoffy.
7. Most roads in the cities and towns are not tarred (except in South Africa, as it is more Western)
8. You will encounter potholes and lots of it.
9. You will get dust and plenty of it.
10. You will have flies and insects

BUT….you will also find a smile and a greeting and the little you do get for your money, will be presented to you with a huge smile and warmth, you will not find anywhere else in the world.


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