Onde é Namarrói, Zambézia, Moçambique

A Place for Peace

So this is my site!  Namarrói, Zambézia, Moçambique

Since there has never been a Peace Corps volunteer here the obvious thing to do after receiving one’s site placement is to pull out the Lonely Planet book for Mozambique and read the description of your city. My city, however, is never spoken of. Namarrói appears only once as a small dot on a map. So the next obvious thing to do is consult wikipedia….

Well that was useless, and the Portuguese version only added that in 2007 the population of the entire district was 125,999. So I figured I’d give google images a try. Needless to say there weren’t many pictures other than the church in town. Google maps only gives me a blurry view of what looks to be  a one road town. The upside; it looks green...

After the Portuguese language instructors, Peace Corps technical staff, and even the country director share that they are not…

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