“SA Farmers fingered in lion smuggling” – “The Times”

Since yesterday there have been articles in the news regarding the issue of South African Farmers involved in lion smuggling from Botswana as well as canned hunting. This is not new. The stories have been circulating for many many years, yet, nothing gets done about it. Any person whom can think for themselves, must think, when they visit one of the numerous Lion parks which have jumped up all over Limpopo and North West, “where do the cubs go”. Also, why is that you see a cub for a few months and then…..gone. When asked, and I have asked, you get a vague answer. I am not saying each and every Lion Park owner is a smuggler or involved in canned hunting etc. However, what I am saying, some of you cant get so massively rich from just having a few visitors to your Lion Park or Centre. And that is my point of view and I stick by it. Hence I refuse to visit any one of the numerous ‘come pet a lion cub” centre’s.

I do not know what the solution is, as money talks here, but the day that we as humans think only of money and getting it off our heritage in Africa, is not only disgusting but extremely sad.



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