Uganda is a fast growing tourist destination due to its natural endowment as a country gifted by nature, stability and hospitable people. Uganda weaves its spell the moment you set you feet on its soil.

Ecologically, Uganda is where East African savannah meets the West African jungle. Where else, but in this lush country can one watch lions prowl the open plains in the morning and track chimpanzees through the rainforest in the same afternoon.
But the most humble experience of course is setting off into the misty mountains to stare deep into the eyes of the mountain gorilla. And of course in Uganda , you have a checklist of a 1000 different bird species. Imagine that.

When visiting Uganda, you should visit:
• Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – this ancient rainforest is home to about half of the world’s mountain gorilla and looking into the eyes of these gentle giants is most probably the most exciting and emotional experience you will ever have on an African Safari.
• Kibale National Park – Kibale is home to 13 primate species and here you have the opportunity to track the chimps and they are a joy to watch
• Kidepo Valley National Park – this is one of Africa’s last great wilderness areas and predators are well this is the place for lions. While the game viewing is excellent, it is the sense of quiet isolation that set this place apart from others and as yet, undiscovered by the mass safari lovers.

Whether you are a first time safari-goer or a seasoned African traveller, Uganda with its unique blend of forest and savannah is simply dazzling.



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