A travel addict

I am what they call a travel addict.  However, not just anywhere.  I used to travel to different parts of the world – “overseas”, Europe and America, South America, etc.  And then about 12 years ago, other half just about force me to go with to Namibia for a 6 week trip.  Just the two of us.  Travelling at our leisure from one place to another, with no pre planning.  It was the best holiday ever.  

And well, I got hooked.  And on what you may ask?  Well, on Africa of course.  I live in South Africa, but like many South Africans, I thought I have to travel “overseas”.  That is the the in thing to do.  And I was not interested in travelling around Africa or even around my own country.  This trip however change it for me forever.  

We started travelling through South Africa and in between going to Botswana for a little look see.  And wham! I was hooked for ever.  Slowly we ventured into other Africa countries.  Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, etc.  And our love affair started with this beautiful continent of ours.  

Call me narrow minded, but I have not been on another “overseas” holiday since.  I travel exclusively in Africa and to be honest I cannot get my fill.  Yes, we have tremendous problems in Africa, but which other continent can beat us for being as wild and beautiful as our queen, Africa



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