Ghana – a destination to consider

AKWAABA is an expression you will hear a number of times during your stay in Ghana.  AKWAABA meaning, “you are welcome”.
And you will feel welcome, in this Land of sunshine.  The people here have been labelled with “being the friendliest”  in Africa.

Here you will find wonderful white sandy tropical beaches, a country with a rich heritage,  wildlife areas of interest. 

And of course the sun.

Ghana is nestled in between from the South by the Atlantic Ocean, on the West Cote d’Ivoire, the East by Togo and North, Burkina Faso, making this a tropical country.  Ghana has a estimated population of 20 million.

Since the climate is warm and tropical throughout most of the year, remember to take light clothing when you visit Ghana.  There are also no restrictions on what women may wear.

Ghana is any nature lover’s dream, with it sunny climate, it offers wildlife ranging from elephants to monkeys, crocodiles to turtles and this country is an absolute must for the birders out there as well as the butterfly enthusiasts.

This country is well worth a visit.


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